• After logging in to, click the arrow next to your name and last name and click the Account Information menu at the top of the list.

• In order to make a gold membership, the approval of the account is required first.

• Btcfinans Gold Account Verification section in the middle of the page that opens

o Write down BTCFINANS.COM on any paper and the date of the transaction,

o You must take and upload a photo with your identity and a clear view of your face to get approval of your account.

• Örnek Selfie aşağıdaki gibidir.

• When your account is approved for Gold Membership, a warning message will appear as below. After this step, you should expect to approve.

• When your Gold Account confirmation occurs, a warning message will appear as below. If your approval process is rejected for any reason, you will receive an SMS message to your registered mobile phone..