•After logging in to, click on the Crypto Currency Transactions menu in the top left.

• Click the Create New Wallet button at the top left of the page that opens, press the Create Wallet button to select which crypto coin wallet you want to create..

• After completing the above process, your wallet will be formed..

• If you want, you can create wallets for all your crypto coins and prepare for further transtactions..

• To explain briefly the above picture;;

o Crypto Coin: Shows which wallet belongs to crypto money.

o Status: Indicates whether the wallet is active.

o Wallet: code for the crypto money wallet You must use this code to transfer crypto coins from different exchanges or different markets for your wallet.

o Tag: Some crypto coins need a special code next to the wallet address. For example, in Ripple and Stellar, you should also write this code for submissions. Crypto coins may be lost if the code is not written or is incorrectly written. If you forget to write this code when submitting to, or if you misspell it, your crypto coins will be safely transferred to your wallet after the necessary checks..

o Balance: You can see the total amount of crypto money in your wallet in this section after buying, selling or transferring..

• You can copy your wallet code in de window that opens when you click on Deposit button at the left side of the crypto currency that you wish to deposit either using your QR code reader software or using the Copy Your Address button below. In this way, you can perform your transactions on the site without problems.