How to Make a Deposit ?

• After logging in to, click the TRY transactions menu at the top left.

• Click on the Bank Account TRY Deposit button at the bottom of the page that opens. (The option to deposit with Papara is not currently active.)

• You must select the amount of money you want to deposit and the account in, whichever of the active accounts you want to deposit. Click on Create Payment Notification.

• You can check the details of your transaction in the new tab that opens..

• You can view the details of the operation you are placing the deposit in the section at the bottom of the page. You can end the process by clicking the Cancel button on the right when you want to make changes or cancel

• When your deposit is made, you can see it in the top-right balance section.


- When making a deposit, you can only deposit money from bank accounts on your behalf. The funds deposited from different accounts will not be accepted and returned. Please note that deposits from the ATM or branch cannot be accepted..

- You must write a 6-digit and single-use reference number in the system when making a deposit..

- The amount you deposit and the amount you place the deposit order must be the same.

- Your request will be canceled if the transaction does not take place within 24 hours after depositing the deposit..