• After logging in to, click the arrow next to your name and last name and click the Account Information menu at the top of the list.

• In the Social Media Account Verification section at the bottom of the page that opens, you must enter your own social media account information which you follow the accounts..

• Please fill in the following format and press the Confirm My Account button when filling in the required sections, so that we can identify you more easily during the check..

• Once you have saved your social media accounts, a warning message will appear at the top of the page. After this step, you should expect to approve.

• Once your social media accounts have been approved, you will not be able to make changes and see.


• The username of your social media accounts is not important, but should be used by you.

• is not responsible for any typographical errors in your social media accounts..

• While we are approving your account, we will check if you follow accounts, if not your account information will be deleted from the system. In this case you can re-register your social media account.